Member Portal

Members can view their LOPFI service credit, update contact and beneficiary information, perform various retirement benefit estimates and apply for retirement.

Benefit recipients can view their monthly benefit information, obtain a benefit verification letter, update tax withholdings and direct deposit information and obtain copies of their 1099-R.

Employer Reporting Portal

Provides employers access to the Employer Reporting Portal to submit monthly payroll reports, enroll new members, manage their contact information, obtain reporting history, and access to the e-Payment utility.

  • Financially Sound <br />Retirement System<br /> <p>Receive the full value of your earned benefit.</p>
    Financially Sound
    Retirement System

    Receive the full value of your earned benefit.

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Preparing for Retirement

Preparing for Retirement

Are you getting close to reaching retirement eligibility?  Have you started preparing for retirement by running various estimates in your Member Portal?  Have you considered the out-of-pocket cost for medical, vision, and dental insurance?

Click here for information that you may find helpful as you prepare to exit your career and enter the next chapter of your life.

Upcoming Events

May 2024

LOPFI Audit Committee Meeting - 05/02/2024
PRB Audit Committee Meeting - 05/02/2024

Jun 2024

PRB Meeting - 06/05/2024

Retirement Planning

Regardless of where you are in your career, the time to start thinking about retirement planning is now!

Adopting Coverage

LOPFI is a statewide defined benefit retirement system for police officers and firefighters of political subdivisions in Arkansas.  A defined benefit plan means:  a monthly benefit is provided based on a formula provided by law for the Member's lifetime.  When a Member has met eligibility requirements and decides to retire, they will receive a monthly retirement benefit for their lifetime.  (Please refer to the Member Handbook for eligibility requirements and Board Rule 15 under LOPFI’s Rules & Resolutions for the definition of a police officer and firefighter.)