Mission Statement

A purpose of LOPFI is to maintain a financially sound retirement system so that each covered police officer and firefighter will receive the full value of their earned benefit for their lifetime. Our goals include providing Member education that helps each person learn how valuable the retirement system can be in meeting long term economic goals.

To continue our effort of providing greater value to the Members, the system harnesses efficient ways of communication. One method is the system’s website. A wealth of information about LOPFI is easily accessible via the website. In addition, LOPFI has partnered with Tegrit, which resulted in the creation of the LOPFI Member Portal. The Member Portal provides important details about your Member record with LOPFI.  Items such as reported pay, total accrued service credit, beneficiaries, and address information—all specific to you are easily accessible to you.

Further, when planning for retirement it helps to have an accurate benefit estimate in order to see the projected amount of your monthly retirement benefit, and the Member Portal has this information for you. When you are ready to enter retirement, login to the Member Portal and complete a retirement application in just a few minutes. Plus, there are no items that must be mailed in hardcopy form.

Retired participants also have features available via the Member Portal. Often times a person will want to amend tax withholding, direct deposit, and/or address information. All of these items are easily processed in the Member Portal. Further, a retired participant has immediate access to their benefit payment history, can print a benefit verification letter for use by financial institutions, and can even obtain current and prior years 1099-Rs.

Each feature of the Member Portal was designed to make your experience of building a career as a police officer or firefighter more rewarding. Then, when you enter retirement the Member Portal continues to provide you service, so that the retired years are more enjoyable.

Once you have traveled your career path and then enter retirement, LOPFI will be here for you!